I'm Jon, A Digital Marketer and Web Designer.

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What I Do

The digital marketplace has brought the world to the palm of your hand. While that makes connecting to new customers easier, it also brings a new level of competition. That’s why you need the right guide.

I bring a balance of strategy and execution difficult to find anywhere else. I earned a Masters degree from the top ranked online communications program in the US, but I’ve also cut my teeth for a business with a worldwide reach. Of course, I don’t expect you to just take my word for it. Take a look around the site and see for yourself…

Where to Next?

Planning the Perfect Design

Strategic Planning

My work begins with trying to grasp the big picture. Where does the organization stand now? Where do we want to go? Research and analysis up front allow me to make better decisions moving forward.

Coding Robot Takes a Peek

Coding Skills

A good plan doesn't mean much if you can't execute it. Fortunately, I have a firm grip on coding languages like CSS, Javascript, and PHP. As a designer, I have built and maintained e-commerce sites for national brands. I even coded the WordPress theme for the site you are on now.

Graphics Skills

Visual impact matters, so you need a designer with graphic skills, too. As a graphic designer for Advantus, I design marketing materials for both print and web every day. I understand how to integrate all of the pieces into a compelling whole.


Ready To Be Part of Your Team

All that said, I know my limits, too. As you look around my site, please know that although I'm highlighting my work lots of talented people contributed. I have been a part of some great teams, and I can't wait to be a part of yours.

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