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Mercury Luggage E-mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing receives lots of abuse. Just check your Spam folder, and you will find loads of terrible e-mails. When I came on board at my company, we probably would have made that list of e-mail abusers, but with the right communication and coordination, I have been able to turn Mercury Luggage's e-mail marketing into an asset.

Mockup of Floating Luxuries Homepage

Some redesigns come together so smoothly it almost seems magical. This is not one of those projects. Redesigning proved to be a challenge on many fronts, but I learned a lot about being a better web designer along the way.

Mockup of mcgill site

Improving Usability On

How do you market a paper punch? It may be useful, but exciting? Not so much. This is the story of the redesign of, and the steps I took to drive people to the site.

Mockup of Shop Advantus Home Page


Redesign the flagship e-commerce site of a growing multi-million dollar company? No pressure! Just another day on the job at Advantus.


WQOP Communications Plan

As a non-profit radio station, WQOP operates on a shoestring budget, so I decided to pitch in with a brand new logo and communications strategy. I was doing the work anyhow for my Master's coursework at the University of Florida, and I was determined to do some good along the way.